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Curriculum Vitae Dr. Bencosme PD

Historia del Desarrollo Cientifico…Dr.Bencosme 

PUBLICACIONES  REVISTAS INTERNACIONALES:                                                                                           

Studies on the methods of straining the islet cells of the pancreas.                                    Sergio A. Bencosme, Arch. Pathol., 53: 87-97, 1952 

Cytological studies of the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas have required the use of many and varied histological techniques.1  Each method has had its advantages and disadvantages, but the most serious deficiencies have been the inexact chromatic specificity and the lack of correlation between the various methods. The relatively small number of cellular structures differentially.  studies-on-the-methods-of-staining-the-islet-cells-of-the-pancreas

Histologic Studies of the Internal Mammary Artery after Implantation in the   Myocardium.   S. A Bencosme and A. Vineberg Am. Heart J., 45: 571, 1953

The Internal mammary artery after implantation into the left ventricular myocardium of the dog develops new branches. These newly developed branches enter the myocardium and form a connection with the left coronary circulation. This fact has been proved by injection studies, serial sections, plastic casts, and physiologic evidence.1,2,3 When a large anastomosis exists between the implanted internal mammary artery and the left coronary circulation—it protects against death and infarction after sudden ligation of the anterior descending branch of the left coronary artery. PDF

A Trichrome Staining method for routine use.                                                                           S.A. Bencosme.   Am J. Pathol., 24: 1324-1954 . Am. J. Clin.Pathol., 24: 1324-1954
Despite the added information obtained from a trichrome stain, no stain has replaced the hematoxylin-eosin method for routine use in the majority of hospital laboratories and university departments of pathology, although many trichromic methods have been published, some expressly- designed for routine purposes.  PDF

Citology Of Islet Cells In Alloxan Diabetic Rabbits. Sergio A Bencosme. (1955)  amjpathol-cytology-of-islet-cells-in-alloxan

Regional differences of the pancreatic islet.                                                                           Sergio A. Bencosme and E. Liepa . Endocrinology, 57: 588, 1955                                   SIMARD (1945) found an almost complete disappearance of the a cell in a subcutaneous pancreatic transplant of one dog which had been operated upon following the method of ivy and Farrell  (1926). our interest in the a cell in relation to glucagon led us to investigate the possibilities offered by simard’s work. in the present study we have confirmed simard’s observations that the transplanted segment was devoid of a cells and have concluded that regional differences in islet cell composition were responsible for the absence of a cells in the transplants. PDF

Difficulties in assessing relation in glucagon to alpha cells.                                                      S.A Bencosme.    Rev. Can.Biol., 14: 175, 1955

Conflicting reports have appeared concerning the origin of glucagon from the pancreatic A cell, as determined by glucagon assay of pancreas from animals treated with cobalt chloride (Cavallero, 1953; Volk et al, 1954; Lazarus et al., 1954; Goldner et al, 1954; De Duve, 1953; Mayer et al, 1953).  Vulksteke and De Duve (1952) found, using a quantitative method that the glucagon content of the pancreas diminishes by 60% in the cobalt treated guinea pig. PDF
 Alterations of Pancreas During Cortisone Diabetes in Rabbits.
Sydney S. Lazarus and Sergio A. Bencosme .Proc. Soc. Exp. Bill. Med 899:114,1955
Clinical diabetes due to excessive adrenocortical function or over-dosage with cortisone or ACTH is a well recognized phenomenon (1-3). Experimentally, a temporary steroid diabetes was first produced in rats by compound B and F and corticotrophin (4). This type of diabetes characteristically showed, on a constant dosage, a gradual development of glycosuria which then gradually declined to become reestablished on increasing the dosage. PDF
estado-actual-de-la-histofisiologia-pancreatica, Sergio A. Bencosme y Segundo M. Mariz, 1956 
 Relation of Glucagon to A Cells of the Pancreas.                                                                       S.A. Bencosme and J. Frei. Proc. Soc. Exp. Bill. Med., 91: 589, 1956

In spite of the amount of work done on origin of glucagon, there is no agreement as to the site of its production (1-5). Some investigators found a significant reduction of glucagon in the pancreas of cobalt-treated guinea pigs and dogs(8,9); others found no diminution in glucagon content of cobalt-treated dogs(6,7); while others stated that the glucagon content of cobalt-treated rabbits was twice that of normal(4). However, these workers (4) found no glucagon in the pancreas of synthalin A treated rabbits. PDF

Development and Regression of Cortisone-Induced Lesions in Rabbit Páncreas  Sydney S. Lazarus and Sergio A. Bencosme. Am J. Clin Pathol., 26: 1146-1956

This paper deals with a study of the mode of development and regression of the degranulation of B cells, the infiltration of glycogen, and the ductular proliferation in the pancreas of the cortisone-treated rabbit. It was hoped that the results would further elucidate the pathogenesis and significance of these histologic changes. PDF

Influences of Steroids on Carbohydrate Content of Rabbit Kidney:A Chromatographic Study.*    S.A. Bencosme, D.A Rosen, D.E Wilson, V.C Runeckles and J. Frei. Proc. Soc. Exp. Bill. Med., 93: 587, 1956

*This work was supported by National Health Grants and by grant from Canadian Life Insurance Officers’ Assn.demonstrate the effects of cortisone acetate,t prednisone. and desoxycorticosterone acetate on concentrations of certain carbohydrates extractable from rabbit kidneys. The sugars studied, rhamnose, mannose. fucose, glucose and galactose, are known to stain with PAS PDF

Changes in dogs devoid A Cells. S.A. Bencosme,S.Mariz and J. Frei. Endocrinology, 61: 1, 1957 16-changes-in-dogs-devoid-of-a-cells

Further Studies on the  Relationship of Glucagon to the alpha cells of the Pancreas. S.A Bencosme, S. Mariz and J. Frei. Am J. Clin. Patrol., 28: 594, 1957

The relationship of the morphology of the alpha cell and the amount of glucagon present in the pancreas of dogs and rabbits treated with drugs reputed to be toxic for the alpha cell has been further investigated. A summary is given of several experiments dealing with the lack of alpha cell damage in several species following the administration of drugs reputed to be toxic for the alpha cell. It is concluded that glucagon is produced by the alpha cell of the pancreas, and that much of the confusion on this subject probably, results from a failure to recognize the technical difficulties involved in obtaining accurate morphological definition of the structure of the alpha cell at the time the tissue was excised from the body. PDF

Studies on the Function of the Alpha cells of the Pancreas , 1957.                                               Sergio A. Bencosme, M.D., PhD., S. Mark, M.D., and J. Frei, M.D. studies-on-the-function-of-the-alpha-cells-of-the-pancreas

 Glomerular Lesions produced in the Rabbit by Prednisone and Prednisolone                  S.A Bencosme, D. L. Wilson and D. A. Rosen. A.M.A. Arch. Patrol., 64: 340, 1958         This report deals with experiments carried out using the,synthetic steroids, prednisone and prednisolone)’ These substances are reported to have greater anti-inflammatory activity than cortisone, while exerting negligible effects on carbohydrate or electrolyte balance. PDF


Elastase Activity of the Pancreas and Its Relation to the Alpha Cells.                                S.A. Bencosme and D.F. Cranston. Lab. Invest 7:201, 1958                                                     The fact that alpha cells are absent in the uncinate process of the dog pancreas, but abundant in the rest of this organ,5 affords an excellent opportunity to investigate the relationship between alpha cells and clastase. Similarly, the selective damage to alpha cells by cobalt chloride and Synthalin A in the guinea pig 3,13 permits one to study the relationship between alpha cells and elastase. The purpose of this work is to correlate the elastase activity of the pancreas with the distribution and morphology of alpha cells. PDF

Electron Microscopy of Pancreatic Islets.  S.A Bencosme and D.C. Pease.  Endocrinology, 63: 1, 1958   Pancreatic islets have been studied by the electron microscopy of ultrathin sections mature guinea pigs anti cats.                                                                                                               Alpha cells contain specific granules which are notably dense after fixation with osmium tetroxide. Their substance is homogeneous. They arc enclosed within a vacuolar membrane. Other organdies such as the Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, RNA granules and mitochondria arc present inconspicuously, and without particular specialisation.                                                                                                                                              Beta cells of the cat and guinea pig differ in important respects. In the cat the specific granules contain an angular crystalloid element. The homologous structure in the guinea pig is spherical. These granules are enclosed in membranous envelopes. The density of the granules is substantially less than those of alpha cells.  PDF

A rapid Method for localization of tissue structures of Lesions for Electron Microscopy. S.A. Bencosme, R.S. Stone, H. Latta and S.C Madden, Biophysics, Biochem, Cytol., 5: 508, 1959 a-rapid-method-for-localization-cytol-1959-bencosme-508-10  

Physiological Function of Alpha Cells of the Pancreas  SERGIO A. BENCOSME,JOSE M. TOLEDO AND DENNIS F. CRANSTON,1959 25-physiological-function-of-alpha-cells-of-the-pancreas

Acute Reactions with Collagen Production in Renal Glomeruli of rats as Studiess Electron Microscopically,1959, S.A. Bencosme, R.S Stone, H.Latta and S.C. Madden 

Functioning pancreatic Islets cell tutors studied electron microscopically . S.A Bencosme, R.A. Allen and H. Latta.  The American Journal of Pathology vol XLII, 1963amjpathol1963-functioning

Immediate and delayed effects of Ionising Radiation on Hepatic Cells                         Sergio A. Bencosme, V. I. Kalnina and H. F. Stich Fith Internacional Congress for Electron Microscopy, 2: V V-2, 1962inmediate-and-delayed-effects-of-ionizing-radiation-on-hepatic-cells-1962

Kaliopenic Nephropathy: A correlated light and electron microscopy study. C.G. Brava, I. Dyrda, J. Genest and S.A. Bencosme,1963 kaiopenic-nephropathy-sb

Functioning Panreatic Islet Cell Tumors Studied Electron Microscopically.  SERCIO A. BENCOSME, M.D., PH.D.,* RAYMOND A. ALLEN, M.D., AND HARISON LATTA, M.D.
From the Departments of Pathology of the University of California Medical Center, Los Angeles, Calif., and Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  JANUARY, I963

Renal hyaline arteriosclerosis. An electron microscopy study. C. G Brava, I. Dyrda, J.Genest and S.A. Bencosme. Am. J Pathol., 44:349, 1964                                                   renal-hyaline-arteriolosclerosis-1964

Fine structure of nucleoli and RNA-containing chromosome regions of salivary gland chromosomes of chironomids and their interrelationship V. I. KALNINS,H’ . F. STICHA,’N D S. A. BENCOSMEDepartments of Biology and Pathology, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontavio Received May 3, 1964

La Ultraestructura de Las Células Musculares Cardíacas con Referencia Especial a los Gránulos Específicos I.El miocardio de la Rana. Alberto Trillo y Sergio A. Bencosme. Archivos del Instituto de Cardiología de México. Tomo 25, No 6. Nov-Dic, 1965  

Estudio-ultraestructural-del-musculo-cardiaco-en-relacion-con-los-granulos-especificos-1966  II. Alberto Trillo, Adolfo Martínez Palomo, Sergio A. Bencosme

Cardioglobulin B Content of the Blood Plasma of Newborn Infants. Sergio A. Bencosme, D.J. Delahaye, J.E. Fay and N. Ozen ,1967  cardioglobulin-b-content-of-the-blood-plasma-of-newborn-infants

Electron microscope observations on Langerhans. cells in the cervix. M. S. YOUNES, .D.*
E. M. ROBERTSON, M.D., F.R.C.O.G. SERGIO A. BENCOSME, M.D., PH.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 102:397.1968.

Quantitative electron rnieroscopic analysis of the specific granule population of rat atriamb. WILLIAM W. E. CRANG AND SERGIQ A. BENCOSME. Queen’s University and Kingston Geneml Hospital, Kingston, Ontario  

Pathogenesis of Bile-Induced Acute Pancreatitis in the Dog.  Experiments with Detergents
Peter T. Sum, MD, PhD, Sergio A. Bencosme, MD, PhD and Ivan T. Beck, MD, PhD, FRCP(C), FACP. 1970.

Received August 27, 1968.Correlative Ultrastructural and Electrophysiological Study of the Purkinje System of the heart. S. A. Bencosme, A. Trillo, J. Alanis And D. Benitez, J. J. ELECTROCARDIOLOGY, 2 (1), 27-38, 1969

Rabbit Pancreatic B Cell.  MorphologieM and FunctionM Studies during Embryonal and Post-NatM Development* S. A. BENCOSME, M. B. WILSON, H. ALEYASSINE, A. J. de BOLD, and M. L. de BOLD Department of Pathology, Queen’s University and the Kingston General Hospital, Kingston, Ontario, Canada tteeeived: October 22, 1969

Staining Procedures for the endocrine cells of the upper gastrointestinal mucosa: light-electron microscopic correlation for the gastrin-producing. S.A. Bencosme and J. Lechago. J. Clin. Patrol., 26: 427, 1971. 

Ultrastructural Changes in B Cells of Pancreatic Islets from Rats with Elevated Levels of Circulating Growth Hormone Secreted by MtT-W15 Tumor Sergio A. Bencosme, M.D., Ph.D., Victor Tsutsumi, M.D., Julio M. Martin, M.D., and Hans K. Akerblom, M.D., Kingston and Toronto. 1971.

staining-procedures-for-the-endocrine-cells-studies-of-the-relationship-between-the-catecholamine-distribution-in-the-atrium-and-the-specific-granules-present-in-atrial-muscle-cells-1973 Adolfo J DeBold y Sergio A.Bencosme.

The Endocrine Cells of the Upper Gut Mucosa in Dogs Juan Lechago and Sergio A. Bencosme.  Department of Pathology, Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital,
Kingston, Ontario, Canada. October 3, 1973


Atrial Specific Granules of the Heart Light Microscopic Staining and Histochemical  Reactions1  A.J. DeBold,J.J Raymond and S.A. Bencosme (1978) atrial-specific-granules-of-the-rat-heart

Intracellular pancreatic B cell serotonin and the dynamic of insulin release.                O. M. Pulido, S.A. Bencosme, M.L. de Bold and A.J. de Bold. Diabetología., 15: 197, 1978 intracellular-pancreatic-b-cell-serotonin-and-the-dynamic-of-insulin-release-1978

Demostration of a tryptaminergic mechanism in the rat B Cell   O.M.   Pulido, A.J. de Bold  M.L.  de Bold and  S.A. Bencosme
Department o Pathology, Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital, Kingston (Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6), 12 May 1976

Effects of Serotonin and its Antagonists on the First Phase of Insulin Release   in Normal and Hypersomatotropic Rats*.  Mercedes L. de Bold and S.A. Bencosme Department of Pathology, Queen’s University and the Kingston General Hospital, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

A Histochemical and Ultrastructural Study of Human Breast Carcinomas With a View to Their Classification by Cell of Origin S. A. BENCOSME,~ M. J. RAYMOND,~ R. C. Ross,” B. MOBBS,~ V. T. sutsumi, H.Ortíz, R.Gonzalez and E. Segura. Exp. Mol. Path., 31:236, 1979.

Steroid nefohropathy in the rabbit D. Laurence Wilson, M.D., David A. Rosen, M.D., and Sergio A. Bencosme, M.D., Kingston, Ontario.  11:402, 1962.




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